Ticket Shout Outs

Drop Toons thanks the Ticket for the kind words and phrases and sentences and letters and nouns and verbs and adverbs and stuff.

WTDS - My 64th birthday (during Covid19 lockdown, no less)
Krystina Ray talks about Meeting Droptoons with Intern Margo
Bad Radio Congrats to Julie for Making Drop Toons Roster
My Wife’s 55th Bday on WTDS
BaD Radio boost my spirits, talking about "Hog Court"
My 61st Bday on WTDS
The Hardline on meeting me at Ticket Stock (funny end: Mike makes sure you know who the headliner was)
The Hardline talks "Oh Rats" and Drop Toons
The Musers talk "Saturday In Dropville"
Bob Sturm talks Ragonk 15 for 15 Drop Toon
Corby Davidson’s much appreciated shoutout
Sah Doo... (WTDS)
A Twitter Address Has A Birthday? (WTDS)
Danny Balis’ comment on "Danny Does Vegas"
Bad Radio Tease Computer’s Testimony Drop Toon
Drop Toons mentioned during Picks With Kid and Computer